Dark Grey Twin Control for Volvo Penta IPS

The top-mounted control for Volvo Penta IPS installations features a solid and ergonomic design. Electronic shift and throttle gives immediate response to driver’s commands. All functions, such as Cruise control and trimming, are easily controlled with integrated buttons. The result is increased comfort, better drivability and enhanced safety. The dark grey casing is extra durable and highly resistant to water and chemicals, such as diesel. All electronic components are housed externally to ensure full compliance with classification rules.
Conveniently located push-buttons for functions and features: - Cruise control on/off. - Low-speed Mode on/off. - Single-lever Mode on/off. - Station on/off/lock. - Throttle only. - Electronic components are housed externally to comply with classification rules.
- Trim button in lever. - Ergonomic and solid feel. - Electronic shift and throttle. - Comfortable and steady hand rest. - Neutral indicator lights up when gear is in neutral. - Engine rpm sync.
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