OEM Business Services

Frequently asked questions

General information

What problems does OEM Business Services solve?

OEM Business Services empowers you with self-service capabilities to get updated information about your business with Volvo Penta. The service makes sure you have the latest information available to manage your operation.

How does the service work?

OEM Business Services is a browser-based platform. All you need is a computer, a web browser and an internet connection. OEM Business Services covers a service scope that begins with onboarding you as a business partner and ends with delivery at destination. It will,going forward, support you with planning, ordering, delivery, payment, and claims.

I want to use your services within OEM Business Services. How do I get started?

Contact your Master User for assistance in setting up your account. If you don't have a Master User or don't know who that person is, please contact your Volvo Penta business contact.

What is a Master User?

A Master User is a person within a business partner's organization authorized to grant access to Volvo Penta applications.

Using OEM business services

How do I log in to OEM Business Services?

Visit Volvo Penta global website and click "log in" in the top right corner. Then, enter your email address used during registration and the selected password to log in.

I forgot my username and password. How can I recover them?

If you forget your username, please contact your Master User within your organization. To change your password, use

Is my information on OEM Business Services safe?

We comply with international and Volvo Group corporate security and compliance standards, and we are committed to the safety and protection of our customers' information. The information provided is used solely to perform the services contracted.

Is this service available worldwide?

Yes. OEM Business Services is available to OEM customers worldwide.

More information and feedback

Where can I find more information about this service?

For more information, please visit OEM Business Services or reach out to your Volvo Penta business contact.

Where can I see a demo of the service?

Reach out to your Volvo Penta business contact for further information. 

About Order Tracking

How frequently is the order tracker updated with new information?

The information is continuously updated several times per hour.

Why can't I see all my cancelled orders?

Cancelled orders entered through Volvo Penta's demand scheduling application cannot be displayed at present.

How can I find all the demands I have in Volvo Penta's demand scheduling application in the Order Tracker?

In the Order Tracker, we are currently only displaying demand that has passed the firming horizon, and that has been confirmed as a released order to Volvo Penta. Therefore, forecasted demand is not shown in the Order Tracker.

How can I see my return order in the Order Tracker?

Return orders are currently not being displayed.

Can I download excel reports?

Excel reports are not currently available.

How do I change the date format in the Order Tracker?

Language/localization settings can be changed in your web browser. 

What does the flags mean in the order tracker?

Production release date is within 5 days. Order changes can not be done after that date.

Order lines have different estimated delivery dates.

The earliest estimated delivery date is displayed in the order list.

The delivery is late for any of the order lines, compared to the delivery date promised in the Order Acknowledgement.

What does the different dates represent in the order tracker?

Order date:
Date when the sales order was created in Volvo Penta's order system.

Estimated shipping date:
Shipping date as promised in Order Acknowledgement.

If date is updated by Volvo Penta, the original date is displayed side by side with the new date.

Only displayed when the order has status Confirmed or higher (unless cancelled).

Estimated delivery date:
Delivery date as promised in Order Acknowledgement.

If date is updated by Volvo Penta, the original date is displayed side by side with the new date.

Only displayed when the order has status Confirmed or higher (unless cancelled).