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Industrial and Marine Engine Warranty

With a Volvo Penta warranty, you can have confidence in your engine and the peace of mind that comes from our world-class support and dealer network. Volvo Penta products are covered by the Volvo Penta International Limited Warranty (USA – Volvo Penta North American Warranty) according to the conditions and instructions in the Warranty and Service book. The added option of an extended coverage allows you to tailor your protection to be as robust as the engine itself.

What's included

Industrial Warranty

Off-Road Engines
For off-road engines, the warranty covers 24 months or a maximum of three thousand (3,000) hours of operation, whichever comes first, and allows unlimited running hours within the first 12 months.

Prime Power Engines
For industrial standby diesel engines a Volvo Penta warranty covers 24 months or a maximum of three thousand (3,000) hours of operation – whichever occurs first.

Standby Power Engines
For industrial standby diesel engines the warranty covers 24 months or a maximum of one thousand (1,000) hours – whichever occurs first.

Industrial Warranty International

Industrial Warranty North America

Industrial Parts Warranty North America


Marine Commercial Warranty

For most engine configurations in marine commercial use, the limited warranty covers 12 months or a set number of operating hours, all depending on the type of product and application use.

Marine Commercial Warranty (PDF, 1.3MB)

Marine Leisure Warranty

As an owner of a Volvo Penta leisure engine, you can enjoy our improved warranty for both engine and transmission. Our warranty commitment is extended to 2+3 years or operation hours, whichever occurs first. For the first 2 years, the warranty covers the complete engine package and for the following 3 years, major components. Accessories bought together with an engine will also benefit from an extended warranty period.

Marine Leisure Warranty International

Marine Leisure Warranty North America



Marine Leisure Warranty Facts

  • During the first two years of usage, the new Volvo Penta International Limited Warranty offers repair or replacement of defective parts for the entire product.

  • The warranty has an operation-hour limit depending on the engine and transmission used. The time limit, however, is generous, bearing in mind that the limited warranty is for leisure use only.
  • The additional warranty of up to 3 years for major components takes effect when the initial warranty period has expired. This provides additional protection for you, the boat owner.

  • An extra feature is that accessories regarded as part of the engine package will receive up to two years’ warranty protection.

Please note: The warranty covers years or operation hours whichever occurs first.


Volvo Penta Genuine Parts & Accessories Warranty

Volvo Penta offers a 12-month standard warranty on all Genuine Volvo Penta Parts and Accessories. With Volvo Penta’s fitted-parts warranty, parts and accessories purchased and installed at an authorized Volvo Penta dealer are covered for 24 months. Not only is the part itself covered under warranty but the labor involved in fitting the part is covered as well.

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Standard Parts Warranty – 12 Months

Genuine Volvo Penta Parts and Accessories supplied but not fitted by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer are covered by our standard 12-month warranty.

Fitted Parts Warranty – 24 Months

Genuine Volvo Penta Parts and Accessories supplied and installed by an authorized Volvo Penta Workshop are covered for 24 months – including the labor involved in fitting the part.

Both the 12-month standard warranty and 24-month warranty for Volvo Penta dealer-fitted parts exclude wear-and-tear parts. The fitted parts warranty is for 24 months or 600h (Marine Leisure); 3,000h (Marine Commercial); or 3,000h (Industrial, excluding power standby and emergency fire pumps, which are 1,000h), whichever comes first.

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Extended Coverage

In addition to the standard warranty, you can purchase our Extended Coverage program and increase the number of running hours with full coverage of the whole engine or major components.

Extended Coverage

Global Network, Local Expertise

All warranties, questions and related repairs are handled by your local Volvo Penta dealer. To ensure you get the best coverage – regardless if it’s for your engine, parts or accessories, speak to your local Volvo Penta dealer to find out more.

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